*leggings / H&M*rings / from everywhere* boots/ Geox*

It has been ages, I know! Well sometimes you just can’t predict the steps life brings. I even don’t realize all those months that passed away so quick. I wanted to post about my pregnancy outfits ……got so busy at the end, that I’m two months before the big day now! Hope to have more time to show you, how I got back in shape after the pregnancy!

 Mine while one of my favorite topics regarding the very private jewelry – rings. It is probably the only thing I newer take of my hands. They are my symbols! Each one of them has a deep meaning for me. How about you? Do you change your ring often? I stick to those of mine

I wish you all a great day!




I know! It’s been a long while since I wrote the last time. My life is slightly changing – in the positive kind of way – and it keeps me busy and out of the IT world J. I have decided to write a blog about the beauty around me and on me …..Well, what is what I plan and want to do for the future as well… But it will be pointing at something special in my life in next few months. I will get my baby Nr. 3 in spring next year, and that explains a lot. There for I do apologies, if the slightly growing tummy mite show of in my clothes in the future months to come.

It is a challenge for me as well – to become a stylish mum to beJ. So if you wish, please do join me at this beautiful journey ……yours Martina.



I may call my self a blue color freak! I have this addiction since I remember, from my high school years. Love to wear blue, to surround my self with blue things, even love to visit places, which are well know for their blue & white combination. The best example for such destination is Santorin Island, Greece – I have visited few years ago.Well, am not in Greece now, but surrounded with blue…..which makes me feel happy! Look how my new nail polish fits with the blue color. Oh! And I forgot my sunglasses. I got them in sale in Quicksilver store – was deciding between orange and blue version – don’t have to tell you who is the winner! I’m very happy about them – and I know they will make me happy for more then one season – they fit perfect with all styles!

***/sunglasses – Roxy, kids bikini – ZARA/***



Yes! Here I´m at the beautiful beach side, smelling the ocean and enjoying the sun. But to make you happy as well…..well there is a small thing, for which you would not probably envy me that much J I have a company of 4 children – two are mine two are my brothers. Today it has been our first day of our holiday – challenging but very pleasant at the same time. I think I haven’t spent so much time in the water since I have been a kid. But as soon as the kids get happy….And I did have my reward at the end of the day – check out my new bright pink nail polish, fitting great with my new bikini. 5 minutes for my self with my new nails and few magazines have made the day perfect!

****/bikini – H&M/****