***/ shirt – ZARA, jeans – ZARA, belt - MANGO, converse, jewelry – no name /***




I have taken these pictures of a girl at last Dobrý Trh market in Bratislava. It has been a very hot day – really hot! I think she handled the heat very well – with the small neon bag as a dominant detail of her outfit. I do not know her personally, but I do follow her blog. Take a look here - at more from her style if you are curious - http://bohemeenvoyage.blogspot.sk/



You sometimes need just one detail to make your outfit special! More in my blog soon.



Hi girlsJ! I think this post is for girls mostly! It is about the beautiful “BLINK-BLINK” store I have found in Israel few days ago. This lovely pink door store got in to my eye soon as I passed by! I have lost my breath as soon, as I walked in! Do you know that feeling, when you find the type of jewelry, which is JUST RIGHT for you! Everything in this store has been just perfect – rings, bracelets, chains, brooches……If you visit Jaffa one day – don’t miss this place. The owner Sharon Shalev (love her name!) is very charismatic woman, making all this beauty just right in the store. I even got a gift from her for my little angels…..shells from the beach!!!! The last photo…..my memorie bracelets from Israel, which I bought at Sharon’s store J

If you wish to see more pictures from my visit to Tel Aviv just visit my photo blog www.mmjfoto.blogspot.com




My two favorite colors – blue & white. There is little story behind my new striped sweater. It has been few weeks ago, as I visited H&M. Sometimes I just walk around the store, without searching for anything – just to look around and “relax”. And there it was – this lovely blue & white striped sweater with small silver detail on the neck. I walked around it, smiling and thinking “what a lovely peace”. I left the store….heading home. Sometimes you decide against something that keeps following you in your head, but I got convinced also differently this time…..By founding the picture of a girl sitting on a beach in “MY” blue & white striped sweater (see in my FB profile). I took it as a sign! And am very happy about it – I loooooove my new marina sweater.I think you will spot this peace often in this blog, as it already belongs to one of my favorites. I have taken my love peace out last Sunday – we have had a girl day out in the old town with my little girls.

And which is your favorite peace in your wardrobe at the moment?

/Sweater H&M, jeans Paul & Bear, Tshirt Zara, belt – no name, Convers, bag Massimo Dutti, sunglasses Gucci/



I captured this picture at the Tel Aviv airport few days ago. I love the cotton braid in her curly hair. I used to have one like that few years ago. There is something very girly and playful about it. I think it is a great summer accessory.



Plenty of blue and little bits of neon. The right combination for summer party in my case J
***blue dress / Mango / , earrings /H&M/***


Me…… making a picture of my self in a mirror. Just before the shoot for my friend Slávka know as HOGO FOGO.
This is the beginning of my fashion journey with all of you……feel free to join!