Hi girlsJ! I think this post is for girls mostly! It is about the beautiful “BLINK-BLINK” store I have found in Israel few days ago. This lovely pink door store got in to my eye soon as I passed by! I have lost my breath as soon, as I walked in! Do you know that feeling, when you find the type of jewelry, which is JUST RIGHT for you! Everything in this store has been just perfect – rings, bracelets, chains, brooches……If you visit Jaffa one day – don’t miss this place. The owner Sharon Shalev (love her name!) is very charismatic woman, making all this beauty just right in the store. I even got a gift from her for my little angels…..shells from the beach!!!! The last photo…..my memorie bracelets from Israel, which I bought at Sharon’s store J

If you wish to see more pictures from my visit to Tel Aviv just visit my photo blog www.mmjfoto.blogspot.com

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